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Fox Magic, Calligraphy, Botany… and Recorded Me! – by Rhiannon

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

When I was on my alone time, I saw a very amazing thing!  A fox!  It was very beautiful and graceful.  I at first thought it was a coyote, but Mama Loba and I discovered by measuring the tracks that it was a fox.  When I saw it, I had been with my stuffed animals looking at a pretty tree and thinking about making a nice home for them.  Then I heard the sound of little feet pattering on the sand behind me, and I turned round and there it was staring at me looking very interested.  I’d seen one before but it had been far away and not close up like this.  What a lesson it taught me, getting near before I noticed because I was so busy talking to my stuffed friends.  I felt so excited, I couldn’t wait to run back up and tell everyone about my magical visitor.

Not too long ago I went on my first dentist appointment! Well I’ve had a dentist appointment before but that was when I was so tiny I can’t remember it. It was rather fascinating, cause I had never spent that long in town with lots of people around me for a long time. I have to say though I rather enjoyed it. I missed home though, and was happy to be home when I got home. Town is very interesting to me for I’m not used to it. I also love going on rides 🙂 I was happy and relieved to not have any cavities except for to two in my baby teeth which will fall out so we don’t have to worry about those. One of the things I found strangest at the dentist was the moving chair!!  It felt very strange lying in a chair that the dentist pushes a button on and it moves up or down. They warned me it was going to move first of course. I found it very particular though. I also got to see a picture of my teeth I could see the insides of them and everything. I was quite fascinated indeed.

While we were at town Papa showed me something he had ordered off the internet for me and Mama Loba a Chinese Brush Painting set! It looked very old fashion too. It had an ink stick with pictures of dragons all over it. An inkwell or grinding stone to grind the ink stick into. A tiny mini teaspoon came with the set too, you filled the teaspoon with water and it into the inkwell the make the ink you have ground into liquid. There was two brushes and paints and a plate to put the paint in. Last of all there was three books instructing how to chinese brush paint. Our friend Resolute before that had also sent us a calligraphy set. There was bottles of ink the color of black, blue, red, and burgundy, there was two quills that we can dip in the ink and write on the special paper with. Also there was this special was you melt then pour on a envelope to seal and before the wax hardens you push the sealer thing into the wax leaving a beautiful picture of a fish or flower engraved in the wax. So we are sooooo enjoying our calligraphy set.

Lately I’ve been studying botany. A friend of Mama Kiva’s – his name is  7Song – is coming to teach me and Mama Kiva more about botany. I’m very exited to meet him. Botany and herbal lore has been quite a source of interest for me these days. Mama Kiva got me a book on herbal lore and botany not that long ago with pictures in it I can color. I’m very exited about it too.

Papa recorded me speaking this blog too, I hope you can download and listen to it!

I really hope you all are doing well.  I will try to write another blog post soon.

Love, Rhiannon Cadhla Hardin

To Download an Audio File of Rhiannon reading portions of this blog, click on:

Rhiannon’s Recording

(photos (c)2010 by Jesse Wolf Hardin)