Creating A Heartful Logo

by Jesse Wolf Hardin on January 22nd, 2012
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Completed Heartwood Doula Logo by Jesse Wolf Hardin, with color background


Creating A Heartful Logo

by Jesse Wolf Hardin

A logo is a custom created design that symbolizes an enterprise, such as an herbalist’s clinic, consultation practice, school, farm, apothecary or bulk herb supplier, for use on website headers, display ads, letterheads, brochures, business cards, posters, FaceBook and so forth.

A logo does more than represent you and your efforts.  It functions as a visual call, and only takes the slightest glance to have it link in their minds to you and your work.  In marketing, they call this “branding,” associating an enterprise or person with a particular image or icon, making their products readily identifiable.  In psychology, it’s akin to “imprinting,” and similar to how the young of many species are imprinted by and identify with the image the first caregiver they see, usually a parent.  It is also similar to the clothes styles we choose and the jewelry we adorn ourselves with, although it is a single unchanging design rather than rotated, and it speaks not just of our daily moods and tastes but of our essential being… our focus and service, personality and purpose.

A logo is one of the first things needed from the time a person first makes the determination to start their own practice, business or nonprofit.  You can search out an artist whose work you like, preferably with an affinity for your chosen subject matter, and pay anywhere from $300 to $3,000 depending on the artist as well as the hours entailed.  Some artists like myself will even accept barter or payments over time.  Or if you feel pretty good about your artistic ability, you’d do well to try creating your own.  Detailed suggestions for logo designing and drawing can be found in the Spring issue of Plant Healer Magazine, due for release March 1st.

Shown here is my latest piece at each of the stages of production, intended to represent the deeply caring spirit of an herbalist, doula and prenatal massage therapist, Sabrina.  The figures nest within the heartwood of a still living stump, featuring a heart labyrinth bas relief carved into its bark, evoking a loving healing process.  It is my hope – as with all such logos I have ever done – that my design celebrates and furthers the person’s life work, while affirming in them their precious gifts.

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To inquire about my creating a special logo for you, either email or leave a comment at the end of this blog post.


I begin by blocking out the general design until the porportions and feel are right. Doula Logo Art by Jesse Wolf Hardin


Step 2, is darkening the pencil lines and adding the major details. Doula Logo Art by Jesse Wolf Hardin


Step 3, for me, involves inking the image and erasing any remnant pencil lines. Doula Logo Art by Jesse Wolf Hardin


The final steps involve adding color to the inked art, either with water colors, felt markers, or high quality colored pencils like I use. Clean up the background and you're done, background, lettering and framing can be added later. Doula Logo Art by Jesse Wolf Hardin


This one’s for you, Sabrina.


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  • I love the logo Wolf created for my little business – Gaia’s Garden Herbals. And I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! It’s so much better – more colorful for sure and it has a real personality, and awesome vibrations – than the old one which was s sticky drawing of monarda. Wolf’s just glows. As new labels are needed, the logo will appear more and more. This was a great gift to me for which I am extremely grateful!
    Love & hugs,

  • Oh Wolf, your creations are truly lovely! What a beautiful doula logo! I love how snug and cozy they look in the tree and I am particularly fond of the heart labyrinth, it all speaks volumes.

  • I love this WOLF! I love your artistic expression. I still so honor and value the one you drew for me, it sits in a special place on one of my alters…reminds me of my true essence and where It all began and when I found it again. thank you for sharing. I hope to learn more from you as a visual artist!

  • Jesse Wolf Hardin

    Thank you, Yael, I always love hearing from you… you who notice, and feel, feel, feel. And Susan and Meekah, you are perfect examples of the deliberate use of a logo to accelerate the redefinition of your image, self image and hence lives. That my counsel and art helped signal your living of your dreams, is extra special to me. Love, Wolf

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