Horse Fun and Spring Blessings From Rhiannon

by Rhiannon Hardin on March 30th, 2012
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Hello! It’s been a while since I have informed you all of my canyon fun!

Spring is a wonderful time! Of course I want to be outside when it’s like this, but the pollen has been very much getting to me and my family. A scarf over my face helps a lot though. Horses, horses! My little six year old friend was kind to ask her friend Malena (who was teaching her how to ride horses) if I could come learn too! She said Yes, I was very happy. Now every sunday I go and learn how to ride Magic. (Malena’s beautiful horse.)  She’s a really great teacher!  I’m learning both western riding and english riding. In some ways I like english riding better cause you’re able to communicate with the horse better, and you hardly use the reins except to hold on. I really love horses a lot and have since I was very young, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to interact with them so much. Horses are such wonderful animals, I’m learning to do barrels while trotting western, and also learning how to stand up while doing english, I am so enjoying myself!  I’m learning both loping and trotting The amazing thing though, is that  the moment I begin to get scared, cause of how fast I’m going on Magic, or he’s picking up more speed, he begins to get frightened too. He jerks his head at the reins, sometimes he even increases speed which just scares me more, until Malena has to stop him for me. If I stay calm and measured then so does Magic. Malena told me that he can feel if my scared or upset and I lose control when I am frightened like that. When I’m calm he stays at a fast but smooth pace. It’s amazing feeling the difference, how the least twinge of fear can effect a horse.

It’s interesting cause last year I went with my Mamas to check out the new conference sight. I got to go trail riding, However the horse I was riding decided she didn’t like the lead horse she was paired up with. He was a little bossy, but she most certainly wasn’t  going to follow him. So she turned around and ran back to the pasture and wouldn’t go anywhere until they’d gotten a different lead horse. However as I said it’s interesting looking back and seeing the things I could have done different as I know more about horses now. For one thing I panicked when she sped up and squeezed my leg on her sides which made her go faster. I’ve learned a lot about horses in 12 days. Taking care of the horse is fun too. If you learn to ride a horse, you need to learn to take care of it too. Even if that means cleaning up it’s dung and and sweeping out the stable. These things are just as important as the fun stuff is,  like brushing the horse down and such.  Body brush, Dandy brush, Curry comb, Face sponge, Stalk sponge, Hoof pick, and  Hoof oil. Lot’s of things you need to take care of your horse.

It is amazing what a human and a horse can do, if they communicate with each other right.

Lately, I’ve been getting up early, It’s good to get into the habit of getting up early when you are young, or getting up late, can turn into a lifelong habit you can’t get rid of. It’s good to get up late sometimes, for instance, your sick, or you went to bed late the night before. I’ve been trying to get to bed at 8:30 and wake up at 6:30, the result in getting up early is a chain reaction all through out the day. It also means I have more time for learning new things in the morning even if that thing happens to be math, I may not like math now, but it could be very useful for the future. I also get my stuff done faster, if want to do my chores slow that’s fine but the consequence for this is a shorter alone time. However if I feel like going fast on my chores, and getting them done quickly, then I have the consequence of having a long alone time.

We’ve written a schedule for our day in the week, like on Tuesday we’ll do this and on Wednesday we’ll do this. We decided that on every Thursday I would cook something. This idea has been great fun, this week I made a tomato soup with onions and meat. This has been very fun. My treehouse was made in mind of the little girl who would soon play and sleep in it. However it was not made in mind of the tall girl I’m becoming, we had no idea I was to be SO tall! I’m already 4 feet 11” and that doesn’t exactly fit well in my small treehouse. So unfortunately I have to stop sleeping in it. My papa had the great idea of turning the porch into a bedroom for me. (and I have to remember it’s not cause he’s sweet it’s because he loves me so much. ☺ I am very excited about it. As a result of me not sleeping in my treehouse anymore I have much more room for my dolls and toys and such. It looks very nice in there! Also our very much appreciated worker Alex worked on my treehouse quite a bit. She did a great job! Before I leave you all, I would like to tell you all about the book I’m writing. I’m writing a fictional book involving otters, foxes, and beavers and other such animals. It is called The Adventures of Vilu Daskar, it is turning out very nicely. It could be a few more years before it is done but is rolling up the hill quite nicely. I will be very happy to share it with everyone once it is done. Goodbye!

Have a glorious spring!


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  • I LOVE reading about what you’re learning and doing, Rhiannon! Thank you.

  • jayden robyn

    Do you read the Redwall series? I noticed the name Vilu Daskar in your title.
    Magic is so handsome! I enjoy riding, too.

    -jayden robyn

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