Supergirl, Reverse Sexism and Glad Primitives

by on June 10th, 2012
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Supergirl, Reverse Sexism and Glad Primitives


Introduction: Every so often we get a blog comment or email from an irate reader, usually reacting to something Wolf wrote, since he likes to “stretch” us as he says, but also sometimes they are aimed at me.  The difference is that I can take it personally and have my feelings hurt, and Wolf only hurts when he’s been wrong.  The more reactive comments and emails are usually from either ultra-conservatives or ultra-politically correct, as Wolf mentions in our reply to one such letter, copied below.

As a woman who has been physically abused by men in the past, can credibly say that what we teach at Anima is not perpetuating a patriarchal paradigm, but challenging all paradigms, systems, and dogma – including that of herbalists, environmentalists and feminists… with what we hope most of you recognize as healthy humor.  –Kiva Rose

(The italicized lines are what was sent to us, what we sent to her appears in regular font.  The easily offended may wish to forego…)


Hi Anima:

Hello Amelia, from all of us here.

Really enjoy receiving all of your e-mails, whether regarding the fire or the school and teaching.  However, I’d really LOVE to see you grow up…

Not in our lifetimes, we have to say.  Why?  Because adults are often uptight and self righteous, whether pushy right wingers or pushy politically correct left wingers, and apparently can be devoid of humor… attached to being regularly mortified, disgusted, aghast.  Non-adults are more often playful and full of mischief, taking themselves less seriously, finding things to laugh about no matter how sober the subject, with little time for convincing or appeasing.



Instead of “Supergirls and Daniel” how about WOMEN embodying their natural selves?  You know, it seems odd to see an allegedly progressive place like yours still refer to women as girls.  None of those pictured in your pictures are “girls.”  Oh, yes, there ARE girls, those under around age 13 and/or before menses.  The rest of us, however, are adult women and I would appreciate you coming into alignment with those facts.  A bit nauseating.  Does Daniel OWN the girls like chattel or animals?  Are they his servants as in ye days of old patriarchy?  Is that what you promote?

Apologies for having stressed you out so.  We hope you have been able to calm and ground some since writing, assisted either by your karate chopping through two-by-fours at practice today, or else simply sipping a good nervine tea.

Dan is acting as foreman and teacher, giving the instruction that WOOF volunteers come for.  If it was a female foreman/forewoman/foreperson with young men working for her, they would still be her “crew.”



This daniel/supergirl stuff is all worn out.  Okay?  Cringe.

We are sorry, again, to make you cringe.  We prefer to only do that deliberately, not accidentally, though indeed usually only to people who need to loosen up, and not to reasonable correspondents.



In fact, in pre-history (which simply means BEFORE men wrote down their ideas of things), Women, through their spiritual higher evolvement and wisdom, directed the activities of males in constructing what was necessary for the higher evolvement and good of the whole.

Wow.  If we substitute “Aryans” for “Women” and “NonAryans” for “men” in your sentence above, this could be a quote right out of Nazi eugenic propaganda.  Women come in all types, from “highly evolved and wise” as you say, to greatly unwise and utterly unjust, always a mix of strengths and weaknesses.  Sounds kind of like men in this regard… or more accurately, humans, people, folks…

Hearing such an angry case for “higher evolvement” truthfully makes us all the gladder to be evolutionary throwbacks and earthy neo-primitives.


Your presentation lacks that knowledge.  Really disappointing to see you re-inforcing the idea that males make the plans and “supergirls” just obey the directives of males.

The term “Supergirls” comes from an old comic book that for some inscrutable reason didn’t name its heroic, butt kicking lead character “Superwoman” instead.  We used the term to acknowledge two gals (pardon the term) who are out away from the comfort of their parental home for the first time, breaking stereotypes and bravely seeking real life experience here in the wilderness, and whom Dan taught to use power tools and empowered to build a roof all by their selves, on a day he wasn’t here.

All ass backwards.  Please update yourselves.

We will never downplay the very serious issue of women being trivialized in this society, but nor will we start capitalizing “Women” and not “men” like you do, being a clear case of reverse sexism.

Not sure how I can recommend you if you do not.

Then we fear we shall have to do without your recommendation,

in light,

There can be no form, nor art, if there is only light without dark.  Thank you for providing some of both today.


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