Rhiannon as Frida Kahlo

by Jesse Wolf Hardin on March 1st, 2013
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I am right now completing the layout of the final 20 pages of the Spring issue of Plant Healer Magazine, a task I take great pleasure in.  Giving attention to every font, the editing and framing of every illustration, the careful placement and juxtaposition of information and images, the graphic balance of sentiment and silliness, photorealistic plant portraits and politically incorrect humor.  The poster below is one I couldn’t resist including in the magazine, even though it has little to do with herbs per se.  Our daughter Rhiannon had dressed up as the intense Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, prompting me to substitute her picture inside a famous Kahlo self portrait.  Hope you have a lovely week! -Wolf

Rhiannon Hardin as Frida Kahlo www.PlantHealerMagazine.com

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