Enchanted Healer Excerpt: The Portal

by on April 21st, 2014
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Intro: It’s with great pleasure that we’ve released our second book in a trilogy, The Enchanted Healer.  This book is not only our first lengthy all color edition, and the most lushly illustrated project of ours ever, but it also the first of ours in years to address topics of sentience, the extrasensory, awareness, presence, plant spirit, places of power, vision quests, shamanism, ecstatic cooking, the aesthetics and art of healing, and other topics related to the awakeness and enchantment crucial to any Seeker, Teacher, Quester, or essential Healer of bodies, psyches, spirits, communities and ecosystems.  The following is an excerpt, from the first chapter “The Portal”,  I hope it introduces some of the flavor of this work of love, and that you enjoy its message and effects.  You can order your own copy on the Bookstore Page at: www.PlantHealer.org

Portal by Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Enchantment page 2Enchanted Healer second page 72dpiPortal Sky flowers 72dpiportal last page of text 72dpi

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