Guiding & Implementing Change

by on December 31st, 2008
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Greetings, as we together come up to the New Year.

It has always seemed to me, however, that the new year begins with Solstice and the start of the days getting longer.  The idea of it beginning at the start of a certain month like January has always seemed both artificial and arbitrary.  My objections aside, a new calendar year has arrived.  And as with it as with every single day of our lives, comes a chance to do things wholly differently, to awaken and make choices that spur difficult but satisfying changes.


Guiding & Implementing Change

A big difference between the practice of Animá and other ways of being, is not only the acceptance of the process of change constantly going on in and around us, but also a conscious commitment to instigate and give form to that process, taking responsibility for radically altering our lives to better serve our spirits and honor our vision and needs… and to better the world we are an inextricable part of.  This is never easy.  Few people enjoy disruptive alterations of our immediate environments, let alone the buffeting winds of transition or the scary falling away of old skin and old habits as we metamorph into new shapes and roles.  In addition, it can be hard on anyone around us who might be clinging to a static form, the friends who prefer us predictable, the elder parents with their expectations, employers who fear originality and independent thinking, the spouses who might rather deny their mate’s complexity and evolution and keep the marriage in a manageable box.

Imagine that this is the start of the first year of your awake life, and you have the power to do anything you want with it so long as you can deal with the consequences.  Imagine also that it might be the last year of your life, with an unforeseen accident or disease in danger of ending it.  Now act accordingly… and begin to notice, reap and savor the adventure, growth and reward.

-Jesse Wolf Hardin  (

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(photo of magician and artist in Animá studio (c) 2008 by Jesse Wolf Hardin)

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