Flags of Our Fathers

by on June 28th, 2015
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Old Confederate Flag 72dpi


by Jesse Wolf Hardin

There is a complex and in some ways troubling piece of cloth blowing in the winds of change in this 21st Century America, a simple cotton or poly flag of patriotism which has sadly come to symbolize some of the worst and most lamentable traits of human kind.  While once an icon of liberation, independence, and self-rule, it has since been appropriated by people who give lip service to freedom while forcing their ideas on individuals and cultures that they consider inferior.  Its most dominant color is red, appropriately the color of blood, since in the name of this flag all kinds of evil acts take place including wholesale murder and the oppression of entire parts of our population who have largely been too misled or are afraid to speak up against its ever more perverted principles.  How sad, that this flag of individual liberty, once carried by brave men and women willing to risk their lives for a principle, should over the years become something that many folks all over the world now associate with arrogance, power plays, targeted assassinations, and the worst kind of hypocrisy.  

That said, I do not support the removal of this flag from the poles where it hangs.  Instead, I believe it is something we should be reclaiming not only as a piece of our history but as an emblem for a more just future.  Why should we allow hateful people and dishonorable politicians take this once cherished piece of cloth as their own?  It is up to us to be the kind of compassionate and open minded folks who welcome diversity, welcome other ways of being and thinking, stand up for justice, and truly act as defenders of human freedom in the face of those groups and governments who now threaten it.  Instead of banning it from courthouses and relegating it to historical museums, let us change the culture of dominance that it has sadly come to represent.

Yes, my friends, and perhaps you guessed it… it is high time to reposition and reclaim not the ever controversial Confederate banner, but our vauled American flag – from the racists, the xenophobes, and ecology-destroying drone-wielding despots: Old Glory, the good ol’ red, white, and blue.

Thank you.

Old American Flag 72dpi

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