Anima: n. (an-i-mah)

1) [Latin] Breath, Spirit, Courage; the “collective conscious”; the vital force connecting, enlivening and animating all things

2) A contemporary, nature informed practice featuring hands-on skills, profound personal tools & natural healing modalities… furthering an evolving ecology of wholeness between humans and the natural world we are each an integral part of

3) A wilderness Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary, and ancient ceremonial site – located in a remote river canyon in the enchanted mountains of S.W. New Mexico

Offered for your benefit and pleasure are free Articles Archives, Books, Online Courses and an on-site Homestead Helper program at the amazing Anima Sanctuary, as well as Plant Healer Magazine, Conferences, Herbaria Newsletter, Blogs and so much more.

The many evolving projects of Anima and Plant Healer are dedicated to assisting the awakening, healing and bettering of ourselves, our families, communities, and the natural world that we are each a part and extension of.  Anima provides crucial insights, practical skills and usable tools for living more healthy and conscious, meaningful and mission-filled lives… teaching plant medicine, nature awareness and living skills that further self empowerment and reconnection, purpose and calling, wholeness and satisfaction.

Wild Edges by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Homestead Helper & Caretaker Positions
Those of you who feel drawn to the Anima Sanctuary and off-grid living may want to apply for short-term Homestead Helper positions, or longer-term Caretakerships.  For details, navigate from the menu found at the top of this blog page.

Free Writings
You can read about Anima lifeways and history, homesteading adventures and skills, Elka’s wild food pieces and yummy recipes, irreverent political and social commentary as well as much of Jesse Wolf Hardin’s latest writings, in the Anima Blog Archives listed by category in the right column of the Anima Blog page.


Inspiring Books
Enjoy books by Jesse Wolf Hardin, Kiva Rose and Elka on topics including Natural Healing & The Healing Powers of Nature, Sense of Place, Homesteading and Down-Home Cooking, Enchantment and Awareness, found on the Bookstore & Gallery page at:


The Good Medicine Confluence
Every September, Anima and Plant Healer host an international event for herbalists in a beautiful part of the American Southwest, featuring up to 35 herbalist teachers and 50 classes for students and practitioners of all levels.  Go to the Events page at:


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Plant Healer Magazine
Plant Healer Magazine is Anima’s journal of traditional Western Herbalism, a full color quarterly PDF featuring audio, video and art bonuses.  A voice of the new folk herbalism resurgence, Plant Healer features articles and columns by diverse herbalists including Matthew Wood, 7Song, Rosemary Gladstar and Paul Bergner.  To subscribe, submit articles or advertise, go to:


Herbaria Newsletter
Those of you interested in herbalism and plant medicine in particular, will also want to subscribe to Plant Healer’s totally free monthly Herbaria Newsletter.  Subscribe by filling in your name and email address in the space at the far left of the screen at:

Contact Us
Send your queries, questions and comments to:

Thank you… now live your dreams!

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