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Animá Lifeways & Herbal School

Home Study Courses and Books, a Free Articles Archives, Wilderness Retreats and On-Site Helper Positions at the Anima Sanctuary, free Blogs and much, much more


RhiRose2The Anima School & Website are dedicated to assisting the awakening, healing and bettering of ourselves, our families, communities, and the natural world that we are each a part and extension of. Anima provides crucial insights, practical skills and usable tools for living more healthy and conscious, meaningful and mission-filled lives... teaching plant medicine, nature awareness and deep-living skills that further self empowerment and reconnection, purpose and calling, wholeness and satisfaction.

Herbal & Lifeways components draw their wisdom as well as inspiration directly from the source, from the living earth, its plant and animal constituents and inter-dynamic ecosystems, from our own own instinctual bodies and intuitive hearts, from measured experience and revealing practice. While this work is clearly not for everyone, it’s possible that what you need at this point will be found here. We recommend you begin your explorations with an understanding of the Anima perspective and overview of the available opportunities on the:

Anima Programs & Approach Page

Faculty Bios

lobabasketdescribing the life and work of Jesse Wolf, Kiva Rose and Loba can be found on the:

Anima Faculty Page


Our Mission Statement

makes clear what we believe, stand for and give ourselves to – no bones about it! – on the:

Anima Mission Statement Page



and recommendations are an insightful way to gauge the effects of this work and place, and can be found on the:

Testimonials Page

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logoHome Study Courses

are the core school offerings, online programs that make it possible to learn vital concepts and skills from home... whether your calling is becoming the most empowered and effective herbalist, teacher, activist, author or artist possible, or you are simply seeking the most aware, meaningful and satisfying life. The steadily growing number of courses include “The Practitioner’s Journey: Orientation, Principles & Tools,” “Practices For Presence,” Sense of Place and The Search For Home,” “Sensory Awakeness,” “Expanding and Deepening Awareness,” and soon, a remake of Kiva Rose’s “From The Ground Up: Foundations In Traditional Western Herbalism” series. For full course descriptions, details and an application, turn to the:

Home Study Courses Page


Anima Sanctuary

is a story in and of itself, being not only the wonderfully remote Anima School site, but a successful 30+ year riparian restoration project, indigenous herbal and botanical preserve, and an official U.S. Fish and Wildlife associated wildlife refuge attracting waterfowl, songbirds and raptors, elk and deer, lions and bears. We encourage you to read that story and peruse the many accompanying photos, especially if you ever plan to apply for an on-site retreat or program, go to the:

About Anima Sanctuary Page

BeebalmHarvest1Wilderness Retreats

are available at the Anima Wildlife and Botanical Sanctuary, a palpable place of power and ancient ritual spot for the native Sweet Medicine (Mogollon) peoples, nested in a secluded and incredibly enchanted river canyon (not desert!) in the Gila wildlands of Southwest New Mexico. Rustic riverside cabins and lush restored wildlands provide the location and context for transformative and revitalizing solo, family, wild foods, art, writing and healing retreats. You will find full descriptions of the options on the:

Wilderness Retreats Page


On-Site Opportunities

at this time include On-Site Helper Positions providing room and board in paradise in exchange for assistance. See the:

On-Site Opportunities & Classes Page



Sacred Indulgence Botanical Retreat & Workshop May 10-13

rhiannonroseSpend a restorative weekend in a lush riparian canyon in the wilderness of southwest New Mexico learning the rituals and ways of botanical-based self-care. We will be cooking and eating outdoor feasts of wild and traditional foods, learning how to create decadent herbal teas, body butters, balms, blessing oils, chocolate truffles and other treats for you to take home to continue the indulgence. We’ll also be discussing some of the most effective ways of prioritizing our own care and outlining ways of creating rituals of self-love and nourishment and focusing on empowering ways of taking responsibility for our own well-being and satisfaction.

This workshop is especially appropriate for healthcare practitioners, care-takers, parents, and anyone else who needs more nourishment in their daily lives and has an affinity for plant-based medicine and pleasure. More details at:

Events Page


Counsel & Consultations

are sometimes available with Kiva Rose or Jesse Wolf Hardin, a limited number of Personal Counsel or Health Consultation sessions either conducted via email, or else in person in conjunction with a retreat at the Anima School and Sanctuary. You can read more about Anima Healing Arts services, and download applications at:

Counsel & Consultations


Anima Writings

are found here on the archival Writings Pages, found in the drop-down menu under Resources & Writings, including free-to-read works by Jesse Wolf Hardin, Kiva Rose and Loba on a wide range of herbal, materia medica, nature awareness, rewilding, homesteading, cooking and earth-path shaman topics. Take advantage of this resource. We also have available a growing list of Sweet Medicine Press books by Anima founders and faculty, early titles that many still find essential, as well as the latest and upcoming titles. For the most up to date list of available Anima texts and music, go to the:

Books & Recordings Page

Anima Supporters

yarrowAnima Supporters are folks who tend to feel the strongest about helping with the efforts of this school, the publications and outreach with regular donations of funds or service. If you would feel good about your affecting the world through the efforts of Anima School, please feel encouraged to consider becoming a Supporter yourself, either a one time benefactor financing some important expense or need, or a monthly contribution of as little as $50 a month. Go to the:

Anima Supporter’s Page



is crucial to Anima’s effectiveness at reaching and helping the maximum number of people in need. To assist with the important task of getting the word out, helping with research, outreach, blogs, phone calls, posting flyers, or simply forwarding email announcements, please go to the:

Spread the Word Page


Thank you so much... it’s good to have you with us.

Contacting Us

If you are interested in becoming a Supporter, applying for Online Correspondence Courses, requesting the services of the Animá Healing Arts Health & Herbal Clinic or registering for a Wilderness Retreat, or Workshop, please go to the relevant page on this site... then download, fill out and return the approxpriate Application or Registration Form.

If you need to contact us for any other reason, write:

The Animá Lifeways & Herbal School
Box 688, Reserve, NM 87830

or Email us at:

Plant Healer Magazine


is Anima’s journal of herbal medicine and culture, an over 200 page long, full color quarterly PDF with audio, video and art bonuses. Plant Healer features articles and columns by the very best writers and teachers in the field, including Paul Bergner, Phyllis Light, Matthew Wood, 7Song, Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed To subscribe, submit articles or advertise, swing over to the:

Plant Healer Magazine


TWHclogotinyThe Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference

The Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference is Anima’s exciting and iconic flagship event for more than just herbalists... mid-September every year, at Mormon Lake Resort in the incredible Coconino Forest of Northern Arizona. and featuring some of the most effective and cutting edge of contemporary herbalist teachers. For all the details, navigate to our sister site:

Traditions In Western Herbalism


The Animá Lifeways & Herbal School Blog

The Anima Lifeways & Herbal School blog for in-depth looks at ecology, tales of rural living, nature therapy, foraging, herbal medicine, wild foods preparation, forays into the homesteading life, student stories, whole foods recipes, School updates and much more.

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The Medicine Woman's Roots Herbal Blog

The Medicine Woman's Roots blog is an award winning blog featuring medicinal plant musings, recipes, thoughts on rewilding, wild foods ideas, ethnobotanical information, forays into field botany, case studies, poetry and photography by lauded herbalist and teacher Kiva Rose.

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