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“Hardin’s books are a surprising experience; archaic, fresh, future, wild, refined, all at once. Which should be no surprise— that ‘s how the real world is— my respects to Jesse Wolf.”
-Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

Sweet Medicine Publishing is dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality books by Animá faculty and allied writers, focusing on nature awareness, rewilding and herbal medicine, personal and social change, and the finding and fulfilling of each person’s most meaningful purpose. Our goal is to not only inform but also to empower the individual, inspiring self nourishment, sense-filled engagement and active participation in the remaking of self and society.

The Sweet Medicine Collection will include new titles as well as major revisions and recombinations of some of our earlier works. All will have professional looking covers and artful internal layout, and those with extensive photography or art will be offered both in affordable black and white and more expensive full color versions. PDF versions will also be available for download, especially for those folks unable to afford a donation for printed copies. Because we’re doing our own distribution and sales, we’ll be able to keep these books available as a resource indefinitely.

Available Now

I’m a Medicine Woman, Too!

What a beautiful gift Jesse has created. Its wise, the drawings are beautiful, and its so lovingly done. This book is a treasure…
-Rosemary Gladstar

48 pages

35 Full Color Illustrations, that can be removed and framed

$15, plus $8 priority shipping

For children Ages 3-12, but a pleasure for all ages! A colorful and soulful book of self discovery and personal empowerment for budding healers, as well as every kid heeding a calling or pursuing a dream.

Our delightful Rhiannon is the inspiration and model for this tale of realization and growth, as she first resists believing she could ever be a Medicine Woman like the herbalists and healers she’s met… but then realizes the ways in which she is already the woman of power she hopes to be. Included are 11 frame-worthy illustrations of various Medicine Woman archetypes including an Apache with her mano and metate grinding stones, a Hispanic curendara in her adobe Botanica herb shop, and an Anglo teacher, gardener and herb chef.


“It’s the way of the Medicine Woman to love climbing into a mulberry tree high, gathering leaves for a lung tonic and berries for a pie. To work hard and be proud of what you do, while playing until you’re silly, too! Doing what you can to offer people help, but also remembering to take special care of yourself. Collecting lots of grapes to preserve for the Winter, before the songbirds fly south… but also taking time to pop a few in your mouth!”


“The job of the Medicine Woman isn’t just to heal sickness, but to help make everything healthier and more beautiful. Each woman works in her own personal ways to both create and improve the world. Each follows her heart, knows her purpose, and answers her special calling. And each must be brave enough to live her wildest dreams, no matter how hard that ever seems.”

Gaia Eros: Reconnecting with the Magic & Spirit of Nature

220 pages

$15 plus $8 priority shipping

We have available a limited supply of this out-of-print classic, one of Jesse’s publisher’s early attempts to package our teachings for the alternative and new-spiritual communities. In spite of the effort, the following for this book turned out to be a far more pragmatic, action oriented readership including teachers, social activists, practitioners of women’s spirituality, open minded ministers, herbalists, healers, and committed back-to-the-landers. For tens of thousands of years people have turned to the inspirited land for clarity and direction, purpose and power, on a mission not only to protect and honor life but to fully live. In a time of increasing distraction and challenge, Gaia Eros surfaced as a radical call to embrace the hero’s/heroine’s journey, and to be all that we can.

“Hardin writes from the place of true authenticity in an age of superficiality – from his experience and from his soul. I recommend this book…”
-Jed Swift, Naropa Institute

Included are insights and tools for:

• Connecting to the natural world and to our own true natures

• Finding home, protecting and restoring the living land

• Learning from plant and animal teachers

• The art of healthy indulgence

• The power of drumming and questing

• Planting “seeds” of insistence, enchantment and delight

• Embodying our most magical selves, fulfilling our most meaningful purpose.

“There is no more important personal awareness, and political movement today, than the strengthening of human communities conscious of place in the natural World. Hardin Addresses this need… and there is no one more thoughtful or articulate or inspiring.”

-Jerry Mander, author of In The Absence of the Sacred

Coming Soon

Many of the following books are written already, and are awaiting the lengthy layout process. If you are anxious for a particular title write us, and we may be able to make the text available electronically. Your interest and support is appreciated.

The Rewilding: Thriving in Hard Times & Good
by Jesse Hardin with Kiva Rose & Loba

Insights and practical skills for personal and community rewilding, including reawakening the senses, self authority and trusting our instincts, steps to rewilding any lifestyle, living off the land, natural healing and increased self sufficiency.

The Medicine Bear
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Jesse’s powerful new historical novel set in New Mexico around 1916, with themes of love, nature, healing, and finding and fulfilling one’s most meaningful purpose.

The Kokopelli Seed
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

A fast moving, cutting edge novel of personal and planetary awakening – with themes of individual purpose and social and ecological activism, neoprimitivism and sense of place – embracing the magic of life and living our dreams at all cost.

The Medicine Woman’s Herbal
by Kiva Rose with J.W. Hardin

Combining core Medicine Woman teachings with plant profiles, instruction in medicine making, and the unique Animá system of energetics as mapped on the Animá Medicine Wheel.

Medicinal Plants of the Gila
by Kiva Rose

A comprehensive guide to the identification, ecology, edible and medicinal uses of the plants of the mountains and deserts of the greater Gila Bioregion, Southwest New Mexico.

The Enchanted Pantry
by Loba with J.W. Hardin

Loba’s soulful and healthful recipes, along with stirring essays about the healing and sense-awakening power of food, and the fullest savoring of life.

The Way of Anima
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Concise aphorisms, redefinitions and clarifications arranged according to topic, which serve as inspiring reminders or daily meditations.

The Book of Anima
by Jesse Wolf Hardin with Kiva Rose

A compilation of new works inspired by the Animá correspondence courses and revised materials from earlier books, creating a comprehensive and inspiring text for the study and implementing of Animá perspective and practice.

Home: Reinhabiting Self, Place & Purpose
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

From the deepening of sense of place to learning to be at home in our bodies… a Black & White version until we can find a supporter or publisher to get it printed in with hundreds of Canyon Photos in full color.

The Gifting Bones

$38.00 per set, w/Bag & Manual

Reaching into the Gifting Bones bag, one reaches deep into the soul and soil of authentic self, place and purpose…..

In association with Animá apprentice and supporter Resolute, we can now offer you Jesse Wolf Hardin’s original Animá inspired Runic System: The Gifting Bones. A set of 18 two-sided handmade, inscribed porcelain “bones” come in a lovely cloth bag with a detailed user’s manual.

4 Bones are drawn from the bag without looking for each reading and laid out from left to right, representing our in the moment relationship with Self, Others, Nature and Spirit or Anima, speaking not of the future but the momentous present. The Bones are amazingly powerful and telling tools with which can help you clarify the criteria and circumstances relevant to every conscious choice you will ever face.

“The Bones teach that there are no real quandaries in life, only choices. They can be thought of as a symbiotic set of perceptual potentials intrinsic to, or applicable to the current situational context. They are one way to illuminate any hidden variables, clarifying the nature of each inevitable choice. In accepting the powers of awareness that the Bones gift us with, it becomes our response-ability to take conscious, appropriate action. As soon as a situation is made wholly clear enough to see, we re-form into active rather than inert agents – become participants rather than ingredients, healers instead of victims, celebrants not audience.”
-Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Enchantment CD

The Enchantment is a collection of original songs featuring transportive tribal musical styles from around the world.… and sometimes ambient bird and river sounds recorded live in the Animá canyon. Performers include Loba with her angelic harmonies inspired by her inspirited home, Jesse Wolf Hardin with percussion and spoken word, well loved folk singers Joanne Rand, Jenny Bird, Arabic oud master Ricardo Mendoza, Flamenco great Carlos Lomas, drummer Joseph White Dog, and the Oregon based Stone Biscuit rock and roll band.

$10 plus $5 shipping

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