Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense)

Botanical NameEquisetum arvense

Common Names: Horsetail, Scouring Rush

Energetics: Cool, dry

Actions: diuretic

About a year ago Wolf broke his toe during a flood when a large chunk of tree smushed his foot. I tried many of my usual medicines including Mullein and Alder and Goldenrod and Cottonwood. They all helped with the pain and swelling but the toe seemed slow to heal. I was purposely avoiding Comfrey, trying to come up with some other plants that would be helpful for bone healing.

As the months wore on, the toe would start to feel better and then Wolf would stub it and it would be right back to where it started, which meant that it was very difficult to walk on and any movement caused sharp, shooting pain. It was strange because Wolf has a normally kickass immune system and usually heals quicker than most children I know. Early summer came and I started to get really worried about it. It was about that time that I remembered jim mcdonald talking about his use of Horsetail tincture:

Yeah, I use horsetail tincture, and no, it doesn’t make a lick of logical sense to do so, except for the fact that it works. Its a good thing I started using it before I learned that tinctures don’t offer much in the way of silica.

Hmm, thought I, and went to make some Horsetail tincture. Come july the tincture was ready and I brought Wolf a bottle and admonished him to take it several times a day. I’ll admit I was rather doubtful, especially after trying so many other herbs. And yet, in a week the toe was almost completely better, two weeks on steady doses of Horsetail and it didn’t hurt (beyond the normal ouch) when he stubbed his toes (just try getting this man to wear shoes).

I was definitely impressed. I figured if jim said it worked, then hell, it probably worked but I wasn’t sure of its efficiacy for such a stubborn, non-healing break. I have since used Horsetail in an identical way in several similar cases, all with great results and noticeably quickened healing. All this is not to say that you shouldn’t use Horsetail via tea, infusion or vinegar, just that it works magically well in very small doses of tincture. Rather remarkable I think.

Yet another wonderful case of an herb far exceeding its supposed constituents. Further evidence of the innate magic of nature (including our bodies) and vital force (the Anima) that flows through every living thing and connects it all.

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