The Roots: Principles & Practices of the Tradition

These essays tell much of the story of the Animá Tradition of Herbalism. It also explore the principles and practice of this ancient yet vitally contemporary tradition. To further your studies and knowledge – and to better make these principles and tools a part of your daily life – we recommend enrolling in one of our Correspondence Courses or attending either an Animá Herbal Intensive of the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference

-Kiva Rose

Table of Contents

The Healing Roots of Home: Bioregional Herbalism

Falling in Love with Flowers: Redefining Healing Through Relationship

Spiraling Out: The Power of the Microcosm

The Ripening Fruit: Living with the Seasons

Talking with Plants: Cultivating Intimacy with the More than Human World

The Medicine of Pain & Bliss

Life in the Body

Fire & Flood: Finding Balance in the Extremes

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